Three Phase Electric Motors

All Phase is an authorized distributor of North American Electric, Inc brand of industrial electric motors. North American offers a complete line of high-quality products at extremely competitive prices. We locally stock the most common types and sizes of motors to insure our ability to provide a replacement as quickly as possible after an unexpected failure.

Cast Iron, TEFC

  • High Efficiency, Hostile Duty, 1-500 HP
  • Premium Efficiency, Inverter Duty, 1-300 HP
  • High Efficiency Plus, Severe Duty, 20-500 HP
  •  Oil Well Pump Motors, 3-150 HP
  • Explosion Proof Motors, 1-300 HP
  • Aluminum Motors, 1-10 HP
  • Vertical Hollow Shaft Pump Motors, 10-250 HP

Rolled Steel, TEFC

  • 56C Frame, 1/3-3 HP
  • Integral Horse Power, 1-10 HP
  • Open Drip proof, 1-15 HP
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